Think your personal data is safe online…? aahhh….nope!

10. February 2017 Uncategorized 0
Think your personal data is safe online…? aahhh….nope!

A big chunk of what i do for a living is examining large-scale IT infrastructure projects for some pretty hefty organisations and frankly, it scares the bejeezus outta me to see the less than optimal security hardening of some of these installations, their people practises and their data hygiene tactics. These are installations that hold LOTS of data.

Problem is, every security guy I know goes loud on potential risks but doesn’t give much an idea of what an individual might do at a personal level to protect themselves against data theft. Eventually people stop listening because of the deafening noise of security experts yakking on in geek-speak….  The risk is overwhelming, ever-present and what the hell are you gonna do about it at a personal level anyway? Its pretty well impossible to operate in the modern world without having your personal info recorded somewhere; the assumption being that big institution X will preserve and protect your data diligently. BIG mistake…

But…Have a read of this… In my opinion, quality information presented in an easy to digest manner that will help you avert a possible problem IF you take the time to audit your on-line security habits; and act. Some of its a little US-centric, but relevant here in ‘Straya nonetheless.

Now, if you think none of this applies to you… think again and then look here. This site consolidates known data breaches to demonstrate some downright frightening stats about who’s been hacked and who hasn’t; and the dimension of the data breaches concerned. I

I  checked the bona-sides of the site’s author then very gingerly entered one of my rarely-used email addresses.. Imagine my concern when it came back and told me my address had been harvested from both LinkedIn and DropBox. I guess it’s not really all that surprising given the combined stats of just over 233 million email addresses breached… Now, I’m OK since I change passwords regularly; don’t use same password on multiple sites;  use a password manager that creates strong passwords and enforces them; and on many sites I use 2-factor authentication .. so I’m *pretty sure* I’m OK. But if that’s not what you’re doing, I’d encourage you to take a look at teh site and run your own tests…

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